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Know the risks, reduce the threats and maximize the opportunities of your business

Knowing what your company's business risks are and making decisions on a sound basis can be a competitive differentiator in the marketplace.

We offer a suite of ISH Board, compliance, and incident management solutions based on risk assessments founded on standards and regulations such as ISO 27001, CIS Controls, NIST, MITRE, SGCM, LGPD among others.


Have a complete Risk Management to prepare your environment against incidents and imminent threats

Governance, Risk and Compliance and Integrated Risk Management for greater visibility into your business

The GRC & IRM service ensures integrated management of business and cyber risks, focusing on strategic decisions to stay compliant with information security.

Ensure opportunities are leveraged and weaknesses are minimized, with solutions based on three pillars: compliance, operations, and results.


Does your company have a strategic plan that ensures the continuity of its operations?

44% of companies consider themselves unprepared to recover after incidents. How to maintain business continuity and armor your company? ISH Board's PCN with Corporate BCMS and BCMS Technologyaims to assess, identify, and prepare your company for events that could completely interrupt your activities.

It is necessary to understand that business and technology must work together in the cybersecurity strategy.  

Best Practices

Business Impact Analysis (processes)

Business Impact Analysis (processes)

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis



Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Expertise in the Technological and Cyber Environment(Differential)

Expertise in the Technological and Cyber environment (Differential)




Disaster Recovery Plan

Business Impact Assessment - BIA

Crisis Management Plan

Contingency Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Test 


Data breach costs can cause irreversible damage to organizations. Is your company prepared to protect this sensitive data? 

We provide services for companies to adapt to the LGPD, ranging from maturity and compliance diagnostics to the implementation of a data privacy program, including the best practices of Information Security standards and frameworks.


Privacy Program Diagnostics

Maturity Diagnostic

- Privacy Workshop
- Application of ISH Privacy and Cybersecurity Framework
- Presentation of structuring and departmental recommendations
- Privacy Training
- Execution of RoPA (Treatment Activity Records)
- Execution of RIPD (Personal Data Protection Impact Report)

Compliance Diagnostics

Privacy Program Implementation

- Implementation of ISH Privacy and Cybersecurity Framework
- Execution of RoPA (Treatment Activity Records)
- Execution of RIPD (Personal Data Protection Impact Report)
- Establishment of policies and processes relevant to the Privacy Program
- Standard Contractual Clauses
- Privacy Awareness Program


Improve your defenses against potential attacks and threats in the digital world Improve your defenses against possible attacks and threats in the digital world

Our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)-based consultancies in the business and cybersecurity environments provide a thorough and intelligent analysis of your business, able to identify what gaps may present risks, and what improvements can be implemented in order to maximize defense against against attacks and potential threats, and minimize business risks.


Process Mapping

Risk Mapping - Corporate and Technology

Control Mapping

Implementation of Risk Management Methodology



Detect incidents and identify vulnerabilities

A security incident is any confirmed or suspected adverse event related to the security of computer systems or computer networks that could compromise or present risks to people and organizations.

Through Information Security Incident Management, your company will have timely incident detection, assessment, response, handling, and learning to provide businesses with much more cybersecurity.


CIRP (Computer Incident Response Plan)

Elaboration of PRI (Incident Response Plan)

Elaboration and testing of playbooks

Elaboration and testing of runbooks


Automate GRC, security and privacy controls, and comply with LGPD with the right tools!

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) tools provide coordination and standardization of policies and controls, helping to automate initiatives that are manual or beyond the resources of most companies.

Allowing the organization:

  • Create and distribute policies and controls and map them to internal regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Assess whether the controls are actually in place and working, and correct them if they are not.
  • Facilitate risk assessment and mitigation.


Anonymization, Pseudo-anonymization and Tokenization


Planning and managing resources and processes that meet your business and technological needs

The guide model for the implementation or construction of the Business and Information Technology Master Plan (BDP) allows companies to plan and make a strategic management of their resources and processes, diagnose problems, errors, and their main shortcomings, and identify opportunities to solve the organization's needs, whether technological or business-related.


Implementation Guide

Construction and implementation


Control access, set permissions, manage identities, and detect fraud

Fraud detection and IAM (Identity and Access Management) initiatives enable companies to determine which people or machines within an organization should have access to certain assets, reducing the incidence of suspicious or illicit activity, unauthorized access, and fraud.


Access management and authentication

Fraud Detection

Governance in Identity Management

Privileged Access Management


Mistakes in risk management can be very costly

Inadequate governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) actions negatively impact business, highlight deficiencies in internal controls, and cause damage to an organization's reputation, leading to loss of confidence by investors, customers, and partners, as well as legal uncertainty, regulatory fines, and image damage.

Actions for compliance help you identify those difficulties in meeting regulatory requirements, flagging your vulnerabilities and prioritizing areas for correction.

With ISH Board you will enable corporate, operational and regulatory compliance with:

  • Transformation of risk into market competitiveness
  • Strengthening and integration of internal processes
  • Adoption of best practices with the best international cybersecurity technical standards
  • Evolution of risk management maturity in organizations.



Regulatory Compliance and Information Security & Cybersecurity Analysis
- Financial Compliance
- Superintendency of Private Insurance - SUSEP
- Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission - CVM
- National Data Protection Authority - ANPD
- National Agency for Supplementary Health - AND
- Central Bank of Brazil BACEN

Analysis and Elaboration of internal Policies and Norms


Raise awareness, prepare and update your employees on threats and risks

Awareness lectures keep your teams, employees, managers, and directors up to date and prepared to face the possible cyber, legal, and administrative threats that can impact your business.


Information Security

Data Privacy


How do you know what should be cut, fixed, expanded, or changed for your company to grow?

The Gap Analysis service allows your organization's gaps to be assessed and identified through interviews based on each of the most widely used cybersecurity, cloud, and privacy standards, laws, and frameworks in the market.

With the results provided, your company will be able to act strategically to keep up to date with the practices adopted and also see in which areas it should have to invest with higher priority.


Analysis of the technology environment, policies, procedures and controls, for the elaboration of mitigations


Implementation of proposed controls and recommendations after the review process


Processes refined to a best practice level, continuous improvement, and information security maturity modeling



Handle sensitive corporate information intelligently and securely

A Classification from information helps the companies that deal with information information a concise concise indication from how treat e protect the data/information. A ISH offers services that help your company a map the important important that are processed, stored e shared according to with a their classification related to its value, requirements requirements, sensitivity e criticality to avoid access, modification or disclosure unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure.


Elaboration of Data Classification and Access Control Policies

Data Detection, Mapping and Classification


Talk to an expert to find out how to prepare your company to handle risk, stay compliant, and stay on track in a smart, strategic way!

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