Cybersecurity guide for your children

Where parents used to worry about their children's safety when they went outside to play, today the challenge is with the cyber environment. In the digital age, children are much more connected to the web, online games, and social networks, which can present a threat to the little ones and their family.

That's why, this Children's Day, ISH has prepared a special e-book, a complete cybersecurity guide that will help you learn ways to make your children's digital experience much safer.

  •    Categories of threat to little ones in the digital world;
  •    Resources for protecting your children in the cyber environment;
  •    Learn about cyber threats and where they infiltrate;
  •    Social Engineering and Online Game Scams;
  •    Points of attention and warnings about web strangers;

Download the e-book now and gain precious knowledge of cybersecurity for the protection of your children.

Together with the e-book you will be able to download a memory game to print out and play with your children, and at the same time educate them to recognize common threats on the Internet.



Cybersecurity Guide - Children's Day