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The information in an industry makes it possible to control machines, make forecasts, analyse production and make strategic decisions. This is why data theft in the industry has become the focus of so many cyber-attacks.


The demand for real-time information has created the need for industrial networks, which used to be segregated and separate, to be connected to the Internet.

But connectivity has brought into industry the risks that were already common in corporations. It is the so-called Industry 2.0. Industrial machinery connected to Wi-Fi networks has raised productivity and fostered new technological possibilities. At the same time, it has created a potential for risk; after all, there are more gateways for cyber threats. Every second of disruption to operations is critical. And the damage from an attack can result in multi-million dollar losses.


With decades of experience in network protection, ISH expands that expertise into industrial systems.

ISH implements specific security solutions for PLC's, protecting them against unauthorized programming changes. Our team of experts analyzes the industry environment, understands vulnerabilities and defines a customized strategy. We design a dynamic architecture that responds with the agility needed to keep your operation running smoothly.
Secure cloud
Simple, scalable, secure and high performance. Our cloud guarantees performance, very low latency disk reads and writes. We deliver from legacy datacenter migration to post-migration operation support. We uncomplicate threat detection, remediation, and correct configurations to prevent data loss and stop threats. Plus, there is no specific charge for downloading data.
Monitoring, detection and response to cyber threats
Through our Cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC), we monitor, without pause, the company's environment to detect changes in patterns of any kind, in users, in applications, in services and in infrastructures. In case of a security incident, we put the response plan in place. We take action to remediate and contain the incident.
Backup and disaster recovery
We simplify data recovery, timely if necessary. Our backup platform operates via the internet, providing the customer with geographical redundancy for the storage of protected information. In addition, our DRaaS simplifies the process of recovering the customer's environment so there is no disruption to business.



Our cybersecurity incident detection and response service is completely modular. The offering will be designed according to best practices, strategic planning and available budget.

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