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With the advances in digital transformation, it is necessary to seek alternatives to protect patient data and comply with industry standards.


The data used by the healthcare industry is highly valuable

For this reason, clinics, specialized practices, hospitals, and public healthcare agencies are all the time among the priority targets of cybercriminals. Every day, several challenges arise that impact the sector. Among them is the increasing storage of information for longer and longer periods of time.


ISH's solutions ensure data integrity, availability, and confidentiality.

In addition, our technology prevents information leaks and builds an adaptable and simple security ecosystem. The tools are uncomplicated, making them easy for your hospital or clinic staff to use. Then there is the ISH cloud, which is ideal to meet the demands of the healthcare industry: large volume storage, unmatched performance, availability, and scalability.
Secure cloud
Simple, scalable, secure and high performance. Our cloud guarantees performance, very low latency disk reads and writes. We deliver from legacy datacenter migration to post-migration operation support. We uncomplicate threat detection, remediation, and correct configurations to prevent data loss and stop threats. Plus, there is no specific charge for downloading data.
Monitoring, detection and response to cyber threats
Through our Cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC), we monitor, without pause, the company's environment to detect changes in patterns of any kind, in users, in applications, in services and in infrastructures. In case of a security incident, we put the response plan in place. We take action to remediate and contain the incident.
Strategic privacy management (LGPD)
Its purpose is to define, implement, monitor, critically analyse and continuously improve the organisation's privacy management system. Thus, we guarantee the adequate funding of privacy operations, including risk analysis processes, definitions of roles and responsibilities, creation and revision of privacy policies, among others.



Our cybersecurity incident detection and response service is completely modular. The offering will be designed according to best practices, strategic planning and available budget.

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