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Ensuring data security is essential to maintain the confidentiality of information and the credibility of public bodies.

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Governments face the same challenges as the private market regarding information security and application availability.

The demand for self-service solutions available on the Internet creates the perfect scenario for attacks.

Among the most serious cybersecurity risks to governments is the possibility of hacking and spying on nation-states, known as cyber warfare. The goal is often to render inoperative important national infrastructures such as transmission lines, power plants, hospitals, transportation systems, and others that are of great use to citizens.

ISH, the largest 100% nationally owned cybersecurity services company, present throughout the country and in all business verticals, has a redundant SOC in two capitals separated by more than a thousand kilometers. This ensures that a critical issue, such as national security, is not left unattended even in the event of a catastrophe.
Secure cloud
Simple, scalable, secure and high performance. Our cloud guarantees performance, very low latency disk reads and writes. We deliver from legacy datacenter migration to post-migration operation support. We uncomplicate threat detection, remediation, and correct configurations to prevent data loss and stop threats. Plus, there is no specific charge for downloading data.
Application Security
To protect applications, we define appropriate security configurations so that, in the day-to-day running of the company, they cannot be exploited by cybercriminals.
Monitoring, detection and response to cyber threats
Through our Cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC), we monitor, without pause, the company's environment to detect changes in patterns of any kind, in users, in applications, in services and in infrastructures. In case of a security incident, we put the response plan in place. We take action to remediate and contain the incident.



Our cybersecurity incident detection and response service is completely modular. The offering will be designed according to best practices, strategic planning and available budget.

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