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Do you know the boundaries of your digital surface?
And how secure is it?

Your company is only is able to recognize risk scenarios, interpret them and seek the right solution to protect itself
you have complete visibility of the attack surface.

Cyber security requires constant adaptation and vigilance

Every enterprise has specific operational structures, with different access points, legacy systems and emerging technologies. Thus, cybersecurity solutions need to help organizations evolve in maturity, no matter what time and context they are in.

Third Generation ISH Vision learns about the particularities of your environment using behavioral analysis, sees the picture, uses the security tools already in place, and creates the right solution for the business.

Vision's visibility triad

Detection and Response Management (SIEM/MDR)

  • It develops a long-range view into the company's environment, with non-stop monitoring and advanced threat detection.
  • It detects attacks before they can do damage, with guided investigation and response.
  • It learns from incidents and makes sure they don't happen again by applying custom rules and policies to harden the detection posture and improve the security posture of the controls already in place.
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

  • High level of visibility into all endpoints in the organization, whether laptops, desktops, servers.
  • It works like a security sonar, extending the visibility of proactive and advanced security detection focused on the processes and events running on those devices.
  • It detects potential threats through machine learning methodologies, behavioral analysis, among other mechanisms.
  • It provides incident response and automatic mitigation.
  • Network Detection and Response (NDR)

  • It goes where EDR can't, expanded detection capability, working in tandem or in addition.
  • Performs detection in network traffic of potential threats based on protocol analysis.
  • It analyzes content transferred over the network and extracts the files from the monitored sections.

    The innovative platform and delivery model allows you to provide optimized, business-adherent protection that fits your company's size and context

    ISH Vision has a flexible offering, divided into modules, designed to fit the needs of each organization, with visibility, detection, response, and recovery in an innovative platform.


    Check out our ISH VISION DESIGN GUIDE document on the architecture of the ISH VISION Platform

    With Vision your company gains complete security

    Red, blue and hunting teams

    The best security teams in the market, prepared through constant evolution. A cycle of attack, defense and analysis, learning and detecting in an optimized way, attack patterns. A trinity of maturity ready for your need.

    Prevention (BAS)

    Customized tests to assess the level of organizational maturity by testing the implemented security controls to detect flaws in the company's environment and thus strengthen it.

    OT and IoT

    It monitors and detects threats and, integrated with MDR, provides support for OT and IoT incident response. The solution offers the ability to catalog and monitor industrial automation processes.

    Managed Risk

    Discover, plan, and interpret with Vision's expertise to strengthen your environment, enhance processes, and ensure business continuity.

    Product Architecture

    A team of specialists constantly looking at the market, researching the latest technologies, to develop new solutions and improve existing ones.

    Customer Success (CS)

    Monitoring the entire implementation journey of the cybersecurity project, aiming to ensure that the company achieves all the defined objectives.

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