LGPD compliance for companies of all sizes, from all industries.

The Privacy Office, ISH's Privacy Program, offers a solution to bring companies into compliance with privacy legislation

The service packages meet all the requirements of a Privacy Management Program (PGP) and form one of the most complete solutions on the market.

Hiring is modularized, streamlining the offer for all organization profiles. Thus, whatever the scenario, the company can start the adaptation in a solid manner, prioritizing the initiatives that mitigate business risks. All with ISH's cybersecurity DNA.

How does the ISH Privacy Office work?

The ISH Privacy Office implements, operates, and monitors the day-to-day activities of the organization's privacy management system in compliance with the General Data Protection Act (LGPD), from implementation to program maturity.
Data mapping, data discovery, and data classification
Locate and categorize information from structured and unstructured data that resides in the cloud, on-premises, and legacy systems. Perform mapping of internal data movement and transfer to third parties. Generate reports to monitor the flow of data.
Automation and Risk Management
Use ISH Privacy Office automation for proof of identity, redress, deletion and other situations in the data processing process. Use the pre-built LGPD standards with automatic risk recognition and guidance and manage risks centrally.
Database and Privacy Policy
Have a database of consent information for users on all websites, applications, and forms that collect data. Forward this information to automation tools and other systems. Develop privacy policies in a dedicated space that is easily accessible to your channel and keep them constantly updated.
Incident Management
Centrally track, manage, and report incidents. Automate incident investigations and movements.
Implementation and Follow-up of the LGPD Program
Track the implementation and maturation of your LGPD program against legislative standards and other privacy and security guidelines. Create reports on program development for the company's strategic management team.



Our cybersecurity incident detection and response service is completely modular. The offering will be designed according to best practices, strategic planning and available budget.

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