IT infrastructure services to architect, plan and deploy complex technology infrastructures.

The basis of all information systems

Having a competitive company requires a wide variety of equipment, software, and communication tools, as well as the services of a trained professional who knows how to operate and manage all this technology. We deliver the components and services that provide the basis for sustaining all the information systems in an organization.

Infrastructure protection

Internet, applications and data

Internet Perimeter Security
We partner with the leading and most important manufacturers in the market. This enables us to offer cost-effective routing and threat protection. So you don't need to invest in expensive circuits. You gain simplification of network management.
Application Security
While regular firewalls serve as a security gateway between servers, this solution, by inspecting application traffic, prevents attacks arising from flaws in coding and security and application configurations.
Data security
Framework for protecting company data with the aim of ensuring that information is only accessed by those directly responsible. Prevents information from being disclosed to unauthorized users, entities, and processes.


monitoring and performance

Network and Infrastructure Monitoring (NOC)
Advanced monitoring of infrastructure and application user experience. Identifies bottlenecks and problems in real time, minimizing business impacts and avoiding unnecessary downtime.
Application Performance Monitoring
Website and application monitoring service capable of correcting performance problems for both external and internal environments.
Datacenter and campus network infrastructure
Meets the needs and technological advances in campus networks and data centers. It simplifies and intelligently automates the operation of the environments.
Wi-Fi network infrastructure
Wireless connectivity for the enterprise, with all design and operation under ISH's responsibility. We add BI and Marketing solutions to the wireless network to help companies that have guest access, to understand behavior and experience while using the service.

Storage and backup

Storage and disaster recovery

Storage Systems
Expand storage capacity and performance with no impact on production. Next-generation storage, combining performance, availability, and security in high-density, energy-efficient equipment.
Backup Systems
Modern data storage structure, so that companies have geographic redundancy for storing protected information with Backup and Recovery; Monitoring and Analysis; Automation and Orchestration.
Disaster Recovery Solutions
Our DRaaS simplifies the process of recovering a customer's environment so there is no disruption to business. The solution also enables full or partial triggering of disaster recovery plans.



Our cybersecurity incident detection and response service is completely modular. The offering will be designed according to best practices, strategic planning and available budget.

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