ISH announces new CEOs: learn more about the strategy of the visionaries leading the future of cybersecurity

ISH announces new CEOs: learn more about the company's history and the strategy of the visionaries leading the future of cybersecurity 

The year was 1996. After many years of hyperinflation, Brazil was experiencing a more predictable economic period, with the stabilization provided by the Real Plan launched two years earlier. In terms of technology, the internet was advancing slowly and with a certain amount of suspicion about 'what the hell was that'. 

One of the first ISH logos
ISH logo after rebranding

In Vitória (ES), this scenario didn't frighten young business administrator Rodrigo Dessaune, who, certain that in the near future all companies would be on the internet, founded ISH - an acronym for Information Super Highway, a name inspired by Al Gore's definition at the time of what the internet would be in the coming years - which offered basic services for companies to enter the digital world.  

But the demand for technology kept growing. With the company gaining market share, Rodrigo broadened his strategy. Engineer and long-time friend Armsthon Zanelato became a partner in ISH and the business went beyond Brazil. In its second year of operation, ISH was already a multinational company, with clients in other Latin American countries.   

Armsthon Zanelato is Co-CEO, VP of Sales and one of the partners at ISH.

The expansion hasn't stopped. In the 2000s, with the growing popularization of the internet and driven by events such as the Twin Towers tragedy, ISH witnessed a greater speed in the dissemination of news through virtual means. The market, heated by technological and protection demands, drove the company's expansion. Evolving into ISH Tecnologia, headquartered in São Paulo, it went from being just a consultancy to offering comprehensive services, including deployment and advanced support, going beyond simple data protection by anticipating problems and solving them for clients.  

In 2014, in response to the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet, ISH developed its first product, marking a significant change in the technology acquisition model, moving from the purchase of equipment and software to a security-centered approach, offering "as a service" solutions

The dawn of a new era

After 28 years, Rodrigo is stepping down as CEO of ISH and will act exclusively as chairman of the board. Allan Costa (VP of Operations) and Armsthon Zanelato (VP of Sales) will share the position as Co-CEOs. Together, they aim to consolidate the company's growth in the market with a view to an IPO window in 2025.

Allan Costa and Armsthon Zanelato are the new CEOs of ISH.

The announcement comes after a year in which the company surpassed US$100 million in annual revenue. In addition, 2023 was a milestone for ISH's new strategy, which for three years has been promoting changes to offer cutting-edge services and proprietary technologies, as well as the integration of cybersecurity software. Last year, ISH invested more than R$20 million in R&D, making it the 100% national company that invests the most in cybersecurity in Brazil, generating innovation and skilled jobs.   

As chairman, Rodrigo, whose executive leadership of national entrepreneurship has been fundamental throughout ISH's trajectory, will focus on guiding long-term strategies, with the aim of further solidifying the company's role in the technology and cybersecurity sector. Allan and Armsthon, meanwhile, will share responsibility for commercial and operational execution, always aiming for growth, innovation leadership and the continuous improvement of ISH's services. 

"The evolution in governance reflects our ongoing commitment to transparency, business evolution and best practices in order for ISH to continue to achieve its goals and, in the near future, to be a major player in cybersecurity internationally. Having co-CEOs is a practice that has been adopted by publicly traded companies operating in the new market. Allan and Armsthon have complementary qualities and the necessary experience to lead ISH in its next steps," says Rodrigo. 

Allan brings deep experience in technological innovation and business development, while Armsthon has a distinguished commercial career in cybersecurity and digital protection strategies. The shared position of Co-CEOs reflects ISH's vision of integrating diverse competencies to achieve more robust and comprehensive leadership in the sector. 

Allan and Armsthon want to consolidate ISH's growth in the market with a view to an IPO window in 2025.

From Armsthon's perspective, ISH stands out primarily for its identity as a home-grown cybersecurity solutions developer, committed to understanding the specific nuances and challenges of the Brazilian market. "The company is going through a crucial moment of transition, reducing its dependence on foreign solutions to focus on creating and offering products adapted to the local reality. Investing in our own solutions not only increases profitability, but also strengthens the brand's identity in Brazil. In 2023, we saw significant growth of 20% in new customers through our proprietary solutions, and we aim to intensify the presence of these products in our base, considering the need to address specific challenges in the Brazilian scenario, such as Pix and boletos scams," he says.  

"In 2024, our mission is to consolidate ISH Tecnologia's leadership in innovation, as innovation has become something of a company trademark. We will invest heavily in new products, while at the same time taking a closer look at internal processes and the quality of the products and services we deliver, which is crucial after the rapid growth of recent years. It will be a preparation for a new leap in governance, billing e profitabilityand targeting favorable IPO windows for technology companies," says Allan. Over the last five years, ISH has grown by an average of 25% year on year. 

Rodrigo will continue to offer his unique insight into the company's strategies as chairman of ISH.

The leadership transition marks a significant chapter in the company's 28-year history. "ISH was born alongside the internet. Since then, the demand for technology has continued to grow. The company has been a consultancy, a service provider and now its purpose is to be an internationally recognized player for the cybersecurity solutions it develops and delivers to its clients. This evolution is a reflection of our commitment to shaping the future of cybersecurityand standing out as an innovative and influential force on the global stage," concludes Rodrigo. 

ISH: a Brazilian cybersecurity powerhouse 

Currently consolidated as the largest cybersecurity company in Brazil, we continue to innovate and adapt to changes in the market, as evidenced by the development of our own solutions and the preparation for an IPO.   

We occupy 22nd position in the ranking of the world's top 250 managed security service providers, published by MSSP Alert. With more than 900 employees and a portfolio of more than 600 clients from all sectors of the economy, we serve around 20% of the 1000 largest companies, as well as more than 400 medium-sized companies and public bodies.  

The head office is in Vitória (ES), and the company has branches in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Curitiba, Goiânia and Pernambuco, as well as a subsidiary in the USA. 

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