Don't risk going offline: Learn how to defend against DDoS attacks  

In 2022, DDoS attacks grew by 150% worldwide. This information was revealed by the latest edition of the Global Threat Analysis Report

The report also revealed that the sector most affected by this type of attack was finance, with 53% of the occurrences. The other most affected areas are IT (20%) and healthcare (11%). 

Experts believe that phishing is the origin of this type of cyberattack, exploiting human emotions to induce clicks on malicious links. 

Amidst this scenario, knowing how to avoid DDos attacks is fundamental. For this reason, we have prepared this content, for you to learn more about the topic and how to protect your company.  

What is DDoS? 

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a type of cyber attack that aims to make an online service unavailable to users by overwhelming it with a large volume of data traffic, usually originating from multiple compromised devices. 

This attack is distributed over several infected computers, often controlled by hackers.  

They use social engineering techniques to compromise the devices and use them as part of an "army" of zombie computers to send malicious traffic to the target. 

When the service is overloaded, it becomes unable to handle legitimate requests from users, making it inaccessible.  

This type of attack can be extremely damaging for businesses and organizations that rely on online services to operate. This is the case, for example, with e-commerce, banking services, streaming applications, and delivery platforms, among others. 

Why DDoS attacks skyrocketed? 

In 2022, DDoS attacks have been driven by several factors, including the increasing digitization of online services. In addition, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with the use of multiple vectors and diversification of IP addresses to increase their impact and make them more difficult to mitigate. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has also contributed to the growth of this number. The popularization of anywhere office, a model in which work activities are performed anywhere with Internet access, has introduced a number of new vulnerabilities, especially due to the services available for remote access. 

Increased espionage activities and sponsored cyber-attacks have also contributed to the increase in these attacks. The tensions between major world powers and the war in Ukraine are examples of this. 

How to avoid this kind of attack? 

There are several measures that companies can take to avoid or minimize the damage caused by DDoS attacks.  

Below are some tips for protecting your organization:

Contract DDoS protection services 

Companies can rely on service providers that specialize in protection against DDoS attacks. 

They offer security solutions that block malicious traffic before it reaches the organization's network. 

Monitor network traffic 

Constant monitoring of network traffic can help identify anomalous behavior. 

In this way it is possible to detect possible attacks before they cause major damage. 

Update systems and software 

Keeping systems up to date is key to fixing security holes and minimizing vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers. 

Implement firewalls and packet filters 

Firewalls and packet filters help block malicious traffic before it reaches the organization's network, protecting against potential attacks. 

Train the employees 

It is important to make employees aware of the risks of DDoS attacks and how to avoid them by teaching them to identify and report suspicious behavior. 

Back up your data 

Having up-to-date backups of data is key to minimizing the damage caused by a DDoS attack. 

This is because backups enable the organization to restore systems quickly after an attack. 

Have a contingency plan 

It is also important to have a contingency plan to act quickly in case of a DDoS attack, minimizing the impact and ensuring business continuity. 

Adopting the actions we present is necessary for your company not to be the next victim of DDos attacks.  

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